Youtube Server Use Details

The BMMC/Serenity Test/Event server when not in use for event or testing can be reserved for active gamer Youtubers.

Must have some subs. Low sub count will not disqualify your use of the server.

Average time reservations are 1-2 hours if more is needed for certain projects that will have to be scheduled as needed including 1-2 hours on several consecutive days to complete a project.

Send Project info to

Once reviewed, suggestions or changes may be suggested,  otherwise you will get a decision and start scheduling a time to record your video.

The Test/Event server is usually setup 1.13.2 but on request you can schedule during a time when 1.14.x is loaded.

Worlds for videos are generated new each time.

Limited Gamemode and World Edit commands are available. (the plugin is still buggy so some commands just do not work) *Please dont ask for OP to do your video. That is not available at this time.

The world will be on White List Mode. This means that if you have an assistant or video partner i need the game name while scheduling so they can join the server during the video record time.  No one else will be able to join that server during your record time.

You are required to show/speak the name in the video and provide the name in the description/info.

Regular users will be able to schedule more time and receive more permissions for projects.